Leanne and James Stoke Park video blog

It was an idyllic day at Stoke Park Buckinghamshire when Leanne and James joined together in marriage. September 11th of two-thousand fifteen marked a truly special day for this beautiful couple, the day they celebrated their love and said “I do.”

“Quite simply, you’re the love of my life.”

Leanne looked like a princess in an ethereal beaded dress which enhanced her figure and set off her beautiful face and hair perfectly. The bride and her father arrived in a lovely Rolls-Royce to walk down the aisle where she would join hands with her husband-to-be. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkled with love as she gazed into his eyes and spoke her vows. You know these two will truly love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.

“I feel so lucky to know we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

James and Leanne left the ceremony to the cheers and applause of their closest friends and family as they were showered in confetti and love. They shared a sweet kiss before heading off to the reception at the absolutely stunning Stoke Park, which hosted both a James Bond film as well as Bridget Jones! The guests were serenaded by a wonderful saxophone player, and enjoyed spending quality time with cocktails and laughter. A flower girl and page boy may even have stolen a kiss!

Their first dance was a romantic sway where they exchanged a few sweet words with each other, tuning out the entire room to focus solely on each other. The lucky horseshoe dangled over James’s shoulder as they danced, reminding all of the sweet tradition of why we keep the horseshoe in a U shape: so the luck doesn’t fall out. The cutting of the cake was a lovely moment shared by the couple, his hand on top of hers. It seemed like Leanne and James were always touching, perhaps to confirm that the moment was real and they were well and truly married. It was these moments, captured by the photographer, David Bostock, that will live forever in both memory and pictures.

The emotion shared in the Father of the Bride’s speech was palpable, and he was truly moved to see his daughter’s happiness fulfilled. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room after his words – I know I had a tear in mine! It was such a genuine pleasure to be part of this special day, Leanne and James. Thank you for allowing me to capture your memories, and I sincerely wish you the most happiness in the world.

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Kate and Chris Channels wedding video Blog

On the 5th of September, 2015 Kate & Chris finally said “I do” at Channels of Essex, an upscale 15th-century hotel. A Channels wedding video Essex is absolutely exquisite, but on this day it was so much more! Not because of just any wedding, but the wedding of Kate and Chris who shared their true love with everyone around them. The bridal party spent the morning together in jokes and laughter as Kate was pampered in the bridal suite by stylists with her bridesmaids Kirsty, Lisa, Nicola and Sarah. The look on her father’s face said it all when she finally revealed her bridal look just before he walked her down the eye — pure joy for this beautiful bride dressed in white. Once Chris saw his blushing bride, he spent the day knowing (and letting Kate know) that he “truly is the luckiest guy alive” because she said, “I do.” Their love was full-on in the air, and all the joy that surrounded the two of them was totally infectious on this very special day. After Kate and Chris had promised to love and cherish one another in the presence of God, friends and family, the two were celebrated by their lovely guests under a sea of rose petals floating in the wind. The flowers truly made for one epic send off! The reception got under way with live music, and photography on the lawn by Joanna Pearce. Kate and Chris spent one romantic evening surrounded by friends, family and loved ones dancing the night away. Thank you so very much to Kate and Chris! May the rest of your days together be just as special as this day, and full of all the laughter and love you bring to those around you!

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