Rachael + Adam Marquee wedding video Berkshire 15th July 2017 Rachael + Adam Marquee wedding video Berkshire Finding love isn’t always easy. However, when you do find the one, make sure to hold him/her tightly and never let go. That is exactly what Rachael and Adam did when they found each other, they held on […]

ALEX AND ERIN WEDDING FILM KEYSTONE COLORADO, USA  8th July 2017 Alex And Erin Wedding Film Keystone Colorado, USA  As the bridesmaids walked in, elegant in beautifully designed fitted crimson dresses with a cream belts, with Erin looking so elegant in her wedding gown. Her hair fell delicately on her shoulder, with her neck adorned […]

NICKY AND STEVE WEDDING FILM FAIRWAY TAVERN, HERTFORDSHIRE 8th July 2017 Nicky and Steve Wedding Film Fairway Tavern, Hertfordshire Summer the wedding season, the time when a lot of new families begin, and this was the hottest day of 2017. The wedding of Nicky and Steve on the eighth of July at the scenic Fairway […]

SOPHIE AND JAMES A MARQUEE WEDDING FILM, KENT 1st July 2017 Sophie And James A Marquee Wedding Film, Kent The wedding of Sophie and James took place on the first of July, 2017 at St.  Margaret’s and the Old Barn grounds, it was indeed a lovely occasion. With so many weddings happening in so many […]