8th July 2017 Alex And Erin Wedding Film Keystone Colorado, USA

 As the bridesmaids walked in, elegant in beautifully designed fitted crimson dresses with a cream belts, with Erin looking so elegant in her wedding gown. Her hair fell delicately on her shoulder, with her neck adorned with a beautiful necklace, I was certain this would become one of my most beautiful wedding videos. Alex and his groomsmen didn’t disappoint either, they looked impeccable in black suits, white shirts, and matching ties.

8th of July, 2017, was a perfect day. From the warm summer breeze to the phenomenal views of the Rocky Mountain and large trees that surround the Timber Ridge at North Peak in Keystone Colorado. It was made even more perfect because it was the day two long-time partners and friends – Erin and Alex said “I do” amidst family and friends. The scenery, the well-decorated venue and, the happiness that I could almost touch, made that moment magical.

When you choose someone to marry, what you are really marrying is the future mother or father of your children.”

As Alex said these words, I heard the certainty and love in his voice and was sure that the respect, kindness, and support I perceived between these two was deep-rooted, one feature that is rare these days. Waltzing to music by DJ Maestro, as they took their first dance, time seemed to stop as everyone watched them dance. Married couples found their partner’s and took the time to reminisce their own magical moments.

The testimonies made by friends and families emphasized how Alex and Erin are meant for each other and how they make each other better. The smile on the couple’s faces was just beautiful! As friends and family made their toasts, I knew the love they have for each other is pure.

I filmed Erin’s sister wedding in Oxford UK you can see it here, after which the family invited me to film Erin’s wedding in the USA. I feel extremely lucky to have witnessed two sisters tie the knot in style.

Congratulations, Erin and Alex, I wish you happiness now and always. I look forward to seeing you celebrate your love at sixty!

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