12th August 2018 David & Fang Ashridge House wedding video, Buckinghamshire

Our Love Story

We were born 10,000km apart, grew up with different cultures, yet after years of searching we met each other on a sunny day in London 15 months ago and haven’t looked back.

Our shared values and mutual attraction shone through during that first date. With our differences complementing each other and inspiring us to be better people, we have grown closer together and more in love every day since.

We have shared our enjoyment of hiking with a fantastic walking holiday in the Lake District, walks in the Chilterns, plus a memorable 12-mile hike in East Sussex on a day of torrential rain in April. Beautiful sunny seaside days in Rye and many fantastic culinary experiences ranging from Chinese restaurants to Turkish, Japanese, Indian, French, Italian, Mexican and traditionally British cuisine has fuelled our relationship.

Having made the courageous decision to come to England at the age of 20 and having experienced almost everything that England has to offer, in our time together, Fang has enjoyed her first traditional family Christmas, seen maypole dancing at a school fete, attended a cricket match and even had a bat and bowl herself!

I have similarly embraced Chinese culture and the two weeks that we spent together with Fang’s family in Hunan Province, China was an incredible experience. The generosity, love and acceptance that was waiting for me, from Fang’s family in Liling City and from her old friends in other cities we visited made China feel like a home away from home. To see, together, the traditional and the new of Fang’s home city, the modern cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong and to witness the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and countryside was unforgettable.

Of greatest importance to us both are our families and close friends, so for our relationship to be embraced on both sides has been wonderful. Our wedding gives us both the first opportunity in England to return that generosity and love to Fang’s family and friends from China. So, we are looking forward to sharing the most important day of our lives with our family and friends and to help us celebrate the start of the rest of our life together.

Our wedding team

Brides dress: The Wedding Gallery www.weddinggallery.co.uk

Cake maker: The Crown Cakery  www.crowncakery.weebly.com

Florist: Amie Bone http://amieboneflowers.com/

Photographer: Simon Tupper https://www.simontupper.com/

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