25th August 2018 Josie & Harry Ashridge house wedding video, Hertfordshire videographer

For Josie and Harry, it seemed that there was no better venue than Ashridge House. This beautiful venue has wide open spaces, beautiful countryside and a real sense of luxury – this was the exact feeling that I wanted to create when it came to making my own Ashridge House wedding video.

From the very moment that the guests arrived at Ashridge, they were impressed by how beautiful, light and spacious it was, which made it a delight to film. Everything was perfect, from the stunning dress that Josie wore to the bright and beautiful colours of the bridesmaid’s gowns.

Josie and Harry said their vows in a grand and ornate room which perfectly matched the glamour of the bride. It really was something special to be able to capture this happy couple as they said their vows and promised to love each other forever, all in front of their family and friends.

As the day progressed, the bride and groom took a walk through the beautiful grounds of the house, allowing them some time alone and also allowing me to film some truly memorable moments.

As the sun went down on their big day, the party started, and it was lovely to see the couple have some fun and showcase the personalities that made this a wedding to remember.

Our wedding team

Venue: Ashridge House https://www.ashridgehouse.org.uk/

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