18th August 2018 George & Eleaver Audleys Wood wedding video, Hampshire videographer

This day started out meeting up with my friend and photographer Simon Kemp at the Victorian hunting lodge that is Audleys Wood. Today we will be having fun in filming and photographing the exciting wedding of George and Eleaver, a joining of two best friends and two cultures.

Our Love Story

Our love story began in mid-June 2013. I was 26 and George was about to turn 27 in a mere couple of weeks! It was fast and all at once and it’s ours forever!
On this eventful night, we would find ourselves on two separate nights out, me with my dear friend Wendy, who I was in a house share with at the time and George with his friends.
Towards the night’s end, we would meet up with Wendy’s then boyfriend, to pick us up and also have the last dance. What I didn’t know, of course, fate was about to step in… He arrived with a friend, we were introduced, we danced and the lights came on, a final signal to leave the club.

As per usual protocol after a night out for those who know, greasy & fat is the answer, so we found the next chicken shop and started ordering, me & George found a bench to sit on, we talked about life, not recall exactly the conversation details but for someone I met less than an hour ago, the conversation was deep, I started to get cold halfway through and George was trying his best to sober up and still make sense of our conversation, whatever it was, we got caught up enough that we forgot to order food and the next thing we knew we were leaving for our taxi.

I went home that night feeling absolutely confused & baffled, in fact I would spend that whole weekend wondering whether I had just misread the signals, and even ask my friend to give me his number, she would tell me to give it time, to let him contact me, cause we don’t chase men;).

As so it happened on Monday, George would soon enough ask his friend for my number… we would text immediately, go on a few dates with our friends, and eventually go on our first date together.
It was the classic, a few drinks at a local bar, then headed for the cinema to watch “Now you see Me, Now You Don’t”, that whole movie was, in fact, a blur, we spent most of it kissing away, and ended the night sitting in the back of my Mini Cooper S, parked in front of his house, talking till about 3 o’clock in the morning.

It was our perfect date! We would go on a couple of more dates, he would also invite me for his birthday night out, where we ended up dancing that whole night, and we would officially start dating on the 8th of July 2013, the day AFTER his birthday!

1 year and a half later, we were packing our bags on a one way ticket to Sweden in October 2014, now our new home, 3 years on after we got together, he would fly me to New York and propose to me on the 2nd of May 2016, we would buy our first home together the following year in May 2017 and set our wedding day for August 2018. The rest is still UNWRITTEN…..

Our wedding team

Venue: Audleys Wood https://www.handpickedhotels.co.uk/audleyswood/weddings

Brides dress: WED2B www.wed2b.co.uk

Cake maker: Unique Cakes by Yevnig www.yevnig.com

Florist: Nicola Florist of Basingstoke www.nicolaflorist.co.uk

Photographer: Simon Kemp www.simonkempweddings.co.uk

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