6th April 2018 Nick & Emma Dorney Court wedding video, Buckinghamshire videographer

On a sun kissed warm sunny day my first wedding video of 2018 was at the gorgeous Dorney Court in Bucks. With its fairy tale gabled roofs, landscaped gardens and charming 12th Century church, Dorney Court is one of the UK’s most beautiful and complete country house wedding venues.  Nick and Emma’s wedding day unfold at St John The Baptist Church and then onto the estate for the reception. The gardens surrounding Dorney Court provided a lovely setting for drinks and photographs by Matt Gregg , with lush green lawns and many flowerbeds and borders the setting was set for a wonderful place for their wedding video.

Our Love Story

The first time we met, Emma was running down the stairs still getting ready and late as usual for our first date! Beforehand, we had had many conversations getting to know each other some phone calls lasting until the early hours! The London eye was somewhere Emma had talked about going but never found the time to go so that’s where we went. From the first time we met we never stopped talking and smiling to one another. We shared our first kiss on top of the London eye with champagne in hand as the city sparkled in the dazzling Christmas lights. More dates had enjoyably passed by and although we were falling for each other Emma had already made plans to travel the world for 10 months. We agreed to commit to a long-distance relationship. The night before, we re-lived our first date although it was cut short to take Emma to the airport. Emotional goodbyes were had, taking in one last long look at each other before she passed through security. Days were soon turning into weeks before months had passed by and i found myself sitting on a plane to reunite with each other. The time spent apart consisted of writing to one another, late night and early morning phone calls, emails and letters keeping the romance alive! Flowers were delivered in New Zealand for her birthday, and as a surprise treat on her arrival to Fiji. When reunited in Sydney it was like we had seen each other just yesterday and known each other a lifetime. We travelled to Tasmania and Bali together turning those pillows talk dreams we had into our reality, and the rest they say is history!! Another great Buckinghamshire wedding that you might be interested in.

Our Wedding Team

Venue: Dorney Court https://dorneycourt.co.uk/

Photography: Matt Gregg https://www.mattgreggphotography.com/

Florist: Seventh Heaven http://www.seventh-heaven-events.co.uk/

Catering: Dorney Court https://dorneycourt.co.uk/weddings/

Music: Studio 54 Events https://www.studio54events.com/

Cake: MonAnnie https://monanniecakes.com/

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