Jo and Ian Farnham Castle wedding video, 6th of September 2014

Once a hotbed of political intrigue and power struggles, Farnham Castle is now one of the most romantic wedding venues in England and the setting for Jo and Ian’s wedding video Surrey. As Ian and his groomsmen adjusted their cufflinks, Jo and her bridesmaids took their time getting ready in the Gatehouse. I am fairly certain it wouldn’t have mattered what the bridesmaids wore because Ian only had eyes for his breathtaking bride as Jo made her way down the aisle lined with flickering hurricane lanterns.

The pure white backdrop of the Lantern Hall is a fantastic choice for a civil ceremony. It certainly made the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses even more vivid and ensured all the attention was focused on the happy, yet nervous couple. Any tension dissolved in genuine laughter as the celebrant accidentally got Ian confused with his best man, and it was a delighted wedding party who made their way into Farnham Castle’s magnificent grounds to enjoy cones of miniature fish and chips.

Jo cleverly avoided the problem of her heels sinking into the lawn by swapping her crystal embellished shoes for some more practical yet equally stylish Converse trainers, which allowed her to mingle and chat to her guests with ease. The late summer weather proved perfect for the event and I found it an absolute pleasure to film the happy and relaxed gathering.

Farnham Castle is 900 years old, yet despite the weight of history Jo and Ian created a fantastically relaxed environment where guests of all ages were able to celebrate with them comfortably. Holding the speeches outdoors on the steps allowed everyone to fully appreciate the splendour of the setting, and the onsite accommodation meant there was no need for Ian and Jo to rush through their day. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Charlampowicz.

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