29th August 2019 Hannah & Mark wedding video | Oxfordshire videographer


Our Love Story

How did you guys meet?
We met through Plenty of Fish. We came away from our first date with our faces aching from smiling so much. We then saw each other every day for the next week and have been inseparable since.
Tell me a bit about the two of you, what do you guys do?
How do you spend your time?
We spend most of our time outside, either out on the family farm, walking the dog or playing with the horse. We also enjoy scrubbing up and going out for nice meals at new locations. We are also quite crafty and enjoy making things and happy to have a go at anything. All the wedding favour candles are handmade by us.
How did the proposal go down? (all the gushy details, I love this bit!)
Mark planned a surprised trip to Verona. We went on beautiful tours of Verona, little to me knowing he was looking for the most romantic spot to propose. One evening we headed to the Castelvecchio Bridge after dinner as had been told it looks beautiful at night as is all lit up. We walked down towards the edge of the river with the bridge in the background. He had learnt how to say Will you marry me in Italian and popped the question. He has great taste and ring is perfect, couldn’t have chosen better myself.
How did you choose your wedding venue(s)?
We always envisaged ourselves having a church wedding and with most of Mark’s relatives having gotten married or buried at the Charlton on Otmoor Church it was an honour to follow this tradition. Being so outdoorsy it only seemed right to have a Marquee reception in one of fields on the farm.
What sort of experience do you want your guests to have?
We want our guest to have to memorable day to enjoy us getting married and being entertained by elements most people won’t have expected by us
Can you describe some of the details and stylings, does your wedding have a theme?
We don’t really have a theme. But we have been described as classic with a modern twist and a rustic element.
What was the hardest decision during the planning?
Table planning very difficult with separated parents
What advice would you give to couples planning a wedding?
Make sure you are both involved with the planning, we have thoroughly enjoyed planning together and having each other support. Always such a shame when the groom doesn’t know what is happening on the day.

Our dream wedding team

The Dress: La Sposa Petrolina – Bicester Bridal: http://www.bicesterbridal.co.uk/
Photography:Daniel Ackerley Photography: http://danielackerleyphotography.co.uk/
Florist: Sarah Harper Flowers: http://sarahharperfloraldesign.co.uk/
Catering: Catering by Simon: https://www.cbsfood.co.uk/
Music: Laura Williams Music: http://www.laurawilliamsmusic.co.uk/
Hair & Makeup: Debbic Mac: https://www.debbiemac.co.uk/
Cake: Angela Honour (Mother of the Groom)
Car Rentals: Vale Prestige Chauffeurs: https://valeprestige.co.uk/ & Kevin Merry Carriages: http://www.kevinmerry.co.uk/weddings.html
Music licenced through The Musicbed: https://www.musicbed.com/
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20th October 2018 Katie & Dan Great Haseley wedding video, Oxfordshire videographer

Our Love Story

We were set up on a blind date by Katie’s sister, who works with Dan. Two bottles of wine later on a Sunday evening and we haven’t looked back since.

The first time Dan met Katie’s friends, we ended up clearing the shelves of KFC at 2 am. The first time Katie met Dan’s friends, we ended up at Fabric nightclub until 2 am. That general pattern of silliness has continued thereafter.

We’ve travelled to some amazing places together: India; Mexico; Morocco; Greece (not so amazing but we keep ending up there) to name a few.

We bought a fantastic house together earlier this year and we can often be found in our small but perfectly formed garden doing some weeding or bbq’ing (Dan) or sunbathing and supervising (Katie).

We share many passions: all dogs, cooking for friends and Sunday trips to Homebase.

Our wedding team

Bride’s dress: Maggie Sottero https://www.maggiesottero.com/

Cake maker: Hayley Cliffton www.hayleyscakestudio.co.uk

Florist: Hazel Ball www.velvetbrown.co.uk

Photographer: Mark Lord www.marklordphotography.co.uk

Daytime band: Paris Swing www.alivenetwork.com

Evening band: 29 Fingers www.29-fingers.co.uk

Marquee: Richardson Marquees www.richardsonmarquees.co.uk

Caterers: Ross and Ross www.rossandrossfood.co.uk

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14th July 2018 Nancy & Pete a Cotswold wedding video, Cotswold videographer

When you live in such a beautiful part of the world, there really is nothing better than an outdoor marquee wedding, which is what Nancy and Pete chose for their big day. There was a definite country feel to this Cotswold wedding, which isn’t surprising when you looked around and saw all the rural beauty that the happy couple were surrounded by.

There were some lovely touches for the big day, including pre-wedding beers for the groomsmen (of which there were a rather impressive amount) and even a wedding dog!

A wedding drone was used to film the celebration from an entirely different viewpoint and captured the rural beauty of the area.

Arriving in style, Nancy drove through the beautiful countryside from her family home on her way to say her vows, and with their beloved pooch leading the way, made an entrance to remember.

This wedding had a truly romantic feel in a fairytale setting and was one I loved being a part of.

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Lucy + Dan A Marquee Wedding Video Buckinghamshire

5th August 2017 Lucy + Dan a marquee wedding video Buckinghamshire

“Dan & Lucy met 10 years ago when Lucy was riding for Mandy and teaching Cara. They started dating five years ago after a young farmers party. They dated for two years, with Dan moving to Exeter for work. When Dan came back he moved to London and after a year, Lucy moved in. They bought their house in Chiswick together 18 months ago.’’

The day started with heavy rain, but it didn’t dampen the wedding spirits as guests started arriving to celebrate Lucy & Dan’s big day. It was a pleasure working alongside All people Photography on this local wedding, who also photographed my wedding 14 years ago! As guest took their seats amongst stunning flowers arranged by Sharron Hewland , Lucy entered to an eagerly waiting Dan dressed in a gorgeous San Patrick, Madelaine dress from Xquisite Bridal. With a punch to the air Dan sealed the marriage with a kiss and with hand in hand left to cheers and confetti. With the family farm as the venue the skies cleared, and the day continued under blue skies with guests enjoying canapés and champagne. With the day drawing to a close for me, we ended with some fantastic sunset footage, sparklers and a romantic first dance. Wishing you both all the best for the future!

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1st July 2017 Sophie And James A Marquee Wedding Film, Kent

The wedding of Sophie and James took place on the first of July, 2017 at St.  Margaret’s and the Old Barn grounds, it was indeed a lovely occasion. With so many weddings happening in so many styles, I was really glad Sophie and James chose a country wedding. For me, country weddings are usually relaxing and homely, providing unique moments to be captured. I especially loved the horse-drawn carriage ride.

Friends and family gathered that beautiful summer day to celebrate love and friendship with Sophie and James. Everyone radiated happiness and joy as they chatted. The bridesmaids’ carriage arrived first; they wore beautiful navy-blue dresses from Hayley Elizabeth Bridal boutique. Sophie alighted from her carriage in her dad’s arm looking like a fairy princess in a white ball gown, an exceptional piece from Victoria’s Bridal Boutique. Her makeup was perfectly done by expert hands from Gemma-Mac cosmetics.

Taking in the decor done nicely in cream and green colours, Sophie marched into the Church in her father’s arm, dazzling everyone with her contagious smile. Dressed in a black suit from Mia Sposa, with a cream-colored tie and a black shoe from Freya Rose, James waited patiently as his bride approached the altar. Repeating their vow in unison, they sounded like one soul in two bodies. Only love could create such effect.

The wedding reception was another colorful affair, especially the cake by Emma Page cakes was looked absolutely scrumptious. Cutting the cake together, the new couple performed the task with ease, without the usual jitters faced by newly-weds. The wedding reception was a colorful and every moment was captured by Barrie Downie a pleasure to work alongside.

One thing I can say is, Sophie and James are very happy together and are very comfortable with each other, an important basis for undying love. I am indeed grateful to have witnessed the memorable and intimate moments of Sophie and James. Forever is such a brief time for a love like yours. Congratulations!

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