14th December 2019 Izzie & Mark wedding video | Oxfordshire videographer


Our Love Story

How did you guys meet?
Met at school – Mark was at Bedford School (boys), Izzie was at Bedford High (girls). We were just friends for most of school – eventually Mark’s persistence paid off in London!
Tell me a bit about the two of you, what do you guys do? How do you spend your time?
Izzie works in Marketing at Lloyds Bank, Mark works in Sales for a start up called ROI Hunter. We spend most of our spare time with friends and family – partying, going on trips, holidays, out
for dinners. When being more sensible we spend lots of time at the gym or walking round Battersea Park.
How did the proposal go down? (all the gushy details, I love this bit!)
Mark asked Izzie to meet in the park for a beer after work. This is quite normal practise so she thought nothing of it. When she arrived to where his Whatsapp location pin had sent her it was rather surprising that Mark was in a very secluded and beautiful rose garden in Regents Park with champagne and glass flutes. Izzie had already kicked her shoes off and got comfortable before realising this was slightly more than a post work beer! Mark had planned dinner and a hotel in London after 🙂
How did you choose your wedding venue(s)?
I think we ran out of steam looking at venues!!!!! This seemed to be the perfect level of chilled vibes, and wintery wonderland that we were after.
What sort of experience do you want your guests to have?
Fun fun fun – lots of food, drinking and dancing. Nothing too sensible or formal
Can you describe some of the details and stylings, does your wedding have a theme?
The theme is really just burgundy and gold. We’re not particular or creative! We will be doing lots of singing (with gospel singers in the ceremony, and the 12 days of Christmas for a laugh before best man speech – each table will be a different line of the song). There will be lots of fir cones / lanterns and wintery touches
What was the hardest decision during the planning?
We struggled to find a band – we found lots of the ones we liked were super expensive! Ended up finding the perfect one in Brother from Another though
What advice would you give to couples planning a wedding ?
Don’t get stressed – you set the vibe for your guests!

Our dream wedding team

The Dress: LeSposi Bridal: https://www.le-sposi.co.uk/
Photography: Rachel Barnes: http://www.rachelbarnes.co.uk/
Florist: Daisy Ellen: https://www.daisyellen.com/
Catering: Ragassan: https://www.ragasaan.com/
Music: Brother from Another and Gospel Touch: www:
https://www.brotherfromanother.co.uk/ and https://gtchoir.com/
Music licenced through The Musicbed: https://www.musicbed.com/
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