Tegwen + Tim wedding film Tythe barn Launton

14th May 2016 Tegwen & Tim – Filmed at The Tythe Barn, Launton, Oxfordshire

On this gorgeous sunny May day, I was honored to witness Tim and ‘Tegs’ fulfill a promise that was, in fact, first made while they were at school. Tim admitted to having adorned his exercise book with “Tim Loves Tegs” in a big heart in Lower 6th, and this pair that had been told off for flirting in class were both overjoyed that this prophecy came true today. Tegwen looked flawless in a fitted, elegant gown with exquisite pearl beading on the bodice, and a stunning ‘up-do’ that framed her face in ethereal, wispy curls.

Her husband looked strapping, as did his band of merry groomsmen who each had a pair of brightly coloured socks on, only revealed during the photo session after the ceremony!

Tegwen’s bridesmaids looked wonderful in classic navy, their blue and pink bouquets just picking out the subtle but elegant tones of the couple’s colour scheme. For the guests, there was Pimm’s on arrival as they waited for the ceremony to begin, and once settled in their seats they gazed in awe at Tegwen and her father as they meandered down a path lined with twisted tree vines that met above their heads in a fairy-like archway.

As the groom led his new bride out again, he punched the air triumphantly with his beaming wife on his arm. After the ceremony the guests dined in the rustic yet elegant space of this wedding film Tythe Barn, twinkling fairy-lights strewn across the beams above them. Each table was named after a particular pub, so the guests were seated at a variety of much-loved establishments from The Red Lion, to Mullins, to The Devonshire and beyond! This quirky touch set the tone for the party to come, as after dinner the guests danced the night away with the beautiful bride and groom at the centre of the crowded dance-floor.

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Kim & Terry a Launton Tythe Barn wedding film, 4th August 2012

Launton Tythe Barn is a wedding venue situated just outside Bicester in Oxfordshire. The barn has been beautifully restored, and it is here that I had the pleasure of filming Kim and Terry’s big day. With the sun shining, I began by filming Kim’s preparations at home in Evenly village – the bride and bridesmaids were in high spirits as the champagne flowed! After shooting was finished – with a great crane shot of the house – time was getting a little tight so it was onto the church to get ready for the ceremony. The weather held off until the arrival of the bride and bridesmaids party when rain started to threaten. The service went well with some lovely audio and great footage despite being made to stand at the back by the vicar. I don’t think it mattered at all as the footage down the aisle was great, with Kim and Terry facing each other – it turned out to be the perfect position. For a single man shoot I think the footage was fantastic, I did manage to place an un-manned camera at the front of the church which helped a lot. With the service concluded, the procession out of the church went well; unfortunately the heavens decided to dampen any footage at the church so it was then a race back to the Tythe Barn at Launton. Fortunately, the rain was short lived, and guests were able to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the staff, with canapés and champagne plentiful. The barn, as usual, was wonderfully decorated with a fabulous three tiered cake standing in the window by the bar. It was soon time to film a surprise regarding the wedding breakfast where nominated carvers dressed as chefs made their entrance to the ‘Chariots of Fire’ theme tune to begin the mouth-watering wedding breakfast treat – a succulent slab of beef with all the trimmings. The speeches were emotional for all, but the day for me finished with Kim and Terry performing some unexpected moves on the dance floor!
Now for a brief history lesson on the Launton Tythe Barn!
Historically the Tythe Barn would have stored all the produce provided by the local people and a percentage of this would have been passed on to the landlord as a form of rent – hence the name Tythe. During the English Civil War the Manor House, to which the Tythe Barn belongs, was used to hide priests. Over 500 were secretly ordained by Bishop Skinner in the beautiful Norman Church of Launton which is situated just behind the Tythe Barn. There is widely believed to be a priests’ tunnel from the Manor to the church – but this is yet to be located. The property has been farmed by the Deeley family since 1480, apart from a 100 year gap, and appears in the Doomsday Book. In latter years the Barn has been a home for lambing ewes in the spring, harvesting grain in the summer and as a home to cattle in the winter. Sympathetically renovated by William Deeley, along with an adjoining cattle shelter, the Tythe Barn is a stunning 14th Century venue in which to hold your event.

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Phil & Luisa Launton Tythe barn wedding video Oxfordshire, 19th May 2012

The Tythe Barn is a beautiful 14th Century stone and thatched structure with an elegantly rustic interior which has been sympathetically restored and lovingly renovated so that the essence of the building itself remains untouched- revealing all the beauty of the past yet combined with a contemporary twist. A wonderful venue to have filmed and edited Phil and Luisa short wedding video Oxfordshire. Enjoy!

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