21st September 2019 Vicky & Joe wedding video | Oxfordshire videographer


Our Love Story

How did the proposal go down? (all the gushy details, I love this bit!)
For Joe, the hardest part of the proposal was asking my dad (something I had made very clear needed to happen!) So he snuck off round to see my parents when I was busy working one weekend. He arrived with a big bunch of flowers for my mum ‘to thank her for all she does for us’ and then asked where my dad was. She told him he was having his haircut and would be back soon – which he was, with a smaller bunch of flowers for my mum (first son-in-law error – do not beat the size bunch of flowers!!). So, my dad, obviously slightly annoyed (and making it apparent calling Joe a ‘Twat’ in a playful manner) at the flower situation decides to ask Joe to help him move some garden furniture. Joe thinks, this is perfect he has him on his own and can ask the big question – apart from he bottled it!! The next thing he knows they are sat down having lunch (again much to my dad’s annoyance, he thought he had his wife to himself for the day!!) The conversation came up about what my dad should buy my mum for her upcoming birthday, in Joes head he was suggesting a fascinator, I’d like to marry your daughter, but no still nothing came out his mouth!! SO lunch was finished and cleared up, Joe had now stayed much longer than he expected, my dad had settled down into an afternoon of sport and my curious mum was beginning to wonder what on earth was going on, and so asked Joe ‘you alright?’ to which he said ‘can you both sit down I need to ask you something!!’ very abruptly! My mum shoved my dad and to stop watching the tv and listen to Joe (oh yes he had annoyed him again, as his beloved Man Utd were about to kick off!!) with no more said, Joe finally said ‘ I want to make the holiday in Crotia amazing, David I want to ask for your daughters hand in marriage’ To which his response was OH!!!! The longest 10 seconds later he stood up and said of course and gave him a hug – they chatted for about 5 minutes and finally Joe left!!!
He then completely took me by surprise on our first night in Croatia, Joe has never been able to hide surprises but this one he did. He snuck the ring through the airport in his hand luggage – which I had gone through that morning. We had arrived around 9pm, eaten a quick dinner and headed to the bar for a glass of wine. Joe was restless and wanted to head back to the room, I assumed he was tired from the journey so agreed (even though I didn’t’ want too!!) on the way past the bar Joe suggested getting a glass of champagne to take back to the room, this should have been my first point of suspicion. When we got to the room he asked me if I needed the toilet, I giggled and said I was okay to which he said okay I am going to go (I did think he was acting weird now!!) I went out to the balcony to listen to the sea and Joe then came out with a little envelope (a gift I had got him for his 30th Birthday a few months before, when one was completed you opened the next) seeing as we had completed the one before Joe suggested I opened the next. I did and then saw the words ‘Will you marry me??’ I looked up and there Joe was on one knee with the most sparkly ring I’d ever seen. I cried and continued to say ‘Oh my god, oh my god’ and like my dad, kept Joe in suspense before saying ‘YESSSS!!!’
How did you choose your wedding venue(s)?
We saw it on Facebook and both absolutely loved it as soon as we went there, we wanted a barn but this was modern and bright and just perfect
What sort of experience do you want your guests to have?
We just want them to have the most fun, and dance all night and enjoy the food.
Can you describe some of the details and stylings, does your wedding have a theme?
Well, we have a lot of jazz! We also have a bit of a wine theme going on, you will see the table plan will be on wine bottles and one featuring in the table decorations. We have also got some gorgeous flowers.

Our dream wedding team

The Dress: Le Sposi, Wendover: https://www.le-sposi.co.uk/
Photography: Dale Stephens: https://www.dalestephensphotography.com/
Florist: Perfect Day, The Flower Room: https://www.flower-room.co.uk/
Catering: Ross and Ross events: https://www.rossandrossevents.co.uk/
Music: Lauren Bush (canapes), Gatsby Jukebox (evening band): https://www.gatsbysjukebox.com/
Hair & Makeup: Lauren Oslar and Amy Pomeroy (make up) Sarah Hill and Kim (hair)
Cake: Marks and Spencer
Music licenced through The Musicbed: https://www.musicbed.com/
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