Catherine & Pietro Wokefield Park wedding video Blog

It was a truly beautiful day when Catherine and Pietro joined their hands in marriage on the 7th of August in two-thousand fifteen. This handsome couple got married surrounded by their best friends and family, a fact that was evident in how much joy was shared in the toasts to the couple, and how happy everyone wishes for them to be.

“In Catherine I have found my life partner,” Pietro says, just barely able to keep the emotion from his voice. “I wouldn’t be complete unless I had Catherine by my side, as my wife.”

We really enjoyed taking the video for this wedding, because it was just amazing to watch this beautiful couple prepare for and get married. The sweet moments were captured by the skilled photographer Mark Seymour, including the delicate process of buttoning all of the tiny buttons down the back of her exquisite Emma Louise wedding dress and putting on her Jimmy Choo shoes. Catherine made for a stunning bride, her green eyes and natural beauty enhanced by just a hint of makeup. Her beautiful smile was so bright on this day, and it only got brighter when she saw Pietro waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Their wedding party was small, just a couple bridesmaids and groomsmen, which just enhanced how special the day was, and how important those people were to be included. The bridesmaids wore a soft champagne colour, a colour reflected in the pale mauve roses that Catherine carried. Pietro’s expression, on seeing Catherine join him at the altar, was one of excitement and overwhelming emotion. Both Catherine and Pietro could barely contain their nerves, alternately looking as if they might release a tear and breaking into giggles. Pietro may have been a little nervous as he slid the wedding band onto Catherine’s finger, a charming moment I was so happy to capture. It’s a moment they will remember for the rest of their lives. The reception featured lovely décor on tables charmingly named after delicious cocktails, and a red carpet entrance, making sure every guest felt special. The celebration took place at Wokefield Park, a gorgeous venue that has since tragically burned down. We sincerely hope it has since been rebuilt, as there should be many more weddings held at this beautiful estate.

We are sincerely thrilled to wish Catherine and Pietro congratulations and hope that they will have many years of happiness to come.

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