13Th July 2019 Ceris & Ed Stoke Park wedding video, Buckinghamshire videographer

Our Love Story

How did you guys meet?

We were set up on a blind date by mutual friends. I stood Ed up on our first date (which he never lets me forget) only for us to rearrange a week later!

Tell me a bit about the two of you, what do you guys do? How do you spend your time?

We both love life and share so much in common that it feels like we’ve both spent our life waiting to find each other! We are best friends and enjoy every minute of our busy lives together. We’re blessed and lucky to be able to experience amazing holidays, hotels, restaurants, concerts, sporting events and parties however despite this hustle and bustle our favourite thing is to be together cuddled up on the sofa or in bed having lazy lie ins at the weekend.

How did the proposal go down? (all the gushy details, I love this bit!)

Ed proposed in the garden of the house he used to live in. The garden was around 2.5 acres and a large part of it was an overgrown wilderness which had paths mowed in it to be like a secret garden. I was due to be coming up from Swansea on the Wednesday and on the Tuesday Ed called me and said he’d seen some really strange lights in the garden and to remind him to show me the next day! When I came up the next day I said about going to see the lights but he said that it wasn’t yet dark (it was early July) so the lights wouldn’t be there. Eventually around 10:30-11pm he said that we should go and see the lights, by this time I was in my pyjamas! We trekked through the undergrowth by torch light and eventually Ed pointed out a glow in the distance, I immediately thought it was some aliens or UFOs as he’d mentioned that earlier in the day and I couldn’t explain it any other way! As we got closer it became apparent that it was a circle of what seemed like hundreds of candles and my thoughts turned from UFOs to some sort of pagan sacrificial ritual!!! I was completely thrown and was trying to look in the bushes for runaway pagans when Ed called my name and as I turned round he was stood with a ring in his hand!

How did you choose your wedding venue(s)?

We’d been to stay at Stoke Park before and Ceris had said it would be an amazing venue for a wedding, so it was the only place we looked at for the wedding.

What sort of experience do you want your guests to have?

We want them to enjoy the day, reacquaint themselves with old friends, make new friends, eat, drink, dance and laugh through the whole day!

Can you describe some of the details and stylings, does your wedding have a theme?

Glamourous, glitzy and classy with a pink, white and sparkles theme

What was the hardest decision during the planning?

Whether to walk down the aisle on my own or choose someone else to replace my dad

What advice would you give to couples planning a wedding?

Be laid back and don’t move house, buy a business and go through court all at the same time!

Our dream wedding team

Brides dress: Justin Alexander https://www.justinalexander.com/

Cake maker: Tracey’s Cakes: http://www.traceyscakes.co.uk/

Florist: Fabulous Flowers: https://www.fabulousflowers.biz/

Photographer: Paul Wilkinson: https://www.paulwilkinsonphotography.co.uk/

Music The Fix: https://www.wedding-bands.co.uk/acts/the-fix

Music licensed through www.themusicbed.com

Sync I.D