8th July 2017 Nicky and Steve Wedding Film Fairway Tavern, Hertfordshire

Summer the wedding season, the time when a lot of new families begin, and this was the hottest day of 2017. The wedding of Nicky and Steve on the eighth of July at the scenic Fairway Tavern Old Herrn lane, Welwyn Garden City. The Fairway Tavern provides the perfect outdoor wedding venue, nestled among the colourful greens of the Pan Shanger Golf Complex. The scenery combined with the delicate flowers and colours with which the decoration was done created the most welcoming wedding atmosphere.

The music began, indicating the entry of the bridal train, like other wedding guests, my eyes and camera focused on the aisle and was greeted by the angelic view of Millie and Madeline as they seem to glide down the aisle in their pretty white dress sprinkling petals in their wake. They were followed by Teddy in his cute outfit and Emily the bridesmaid. Finally, Nicky walked in looking all radiant in a fitted sleeveless wedding gown made with delicate bridal lace, her ears, and neck adorned with simple gold jewellery and her hair with a jewelled hair piece. She radiated so much beauty with her million-pound smile. Waiting eagerly for his bride, Steve stood at looking so handsome in a blue suit with gold-coloured tie and pocket square.

With over forty friends and family present to support them on their special day, Nicky and Steve took their vows, tying the knot that would bind their union forever. Looking into each other’s eyes, with so much conviction and joy, they said the words.

I promise to be there when you need me most always and forever,” only true love can make a person make such a commitment without jitters.

True love is the joy of life” these wise words of John Clarke, resonated in my mind as I watched the new couple Nicky and Steve Durkin take their first dance. Lost in each other’s eyes as they waltzed, sharing so many kisses and laughter, they created a breath-taking wedding dance.

Congratulations Nicky and Steve may your happiness never run dry!

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