Christ Church Oxford | Oxfordshire wedding video

Oxfordshire wedding at Christ Church Cathedral, and the Bodleian Library

A Cathedral

Christ Church has a distinguished history and its special character is inseparable from that history. It is unique among Oxford colleges in that it also contains the Cathedral of the Oxford diocese, which doubles as the college chapel. This joint foundation goes back to the establishment of the institution (initially known as Cardinal College) by Henry VIII’s right-hand man Cardinal Wolsey, whose fall from power led to Henry taking over the project and renaming it Christ Church (1546). Henry VIII had a big ego and Christ Church is unquestionably a grandiose set of buildings, but the people who inhabit them are just as friendly and low-key as those elsewhere.

Although the Cathedral continues its work and has its own rhythms, the life and work of the college is entirely separate; there is absolutely no expectation that members of Christ Church should belong to the Christian faith or attend the Cathedral services (though some go to admire the architecture and to enjoy the marvellous music and singing at the services).

Bodleian Library

A special day in a unique wedding venue

Set in the heart of the ‘city of the dreaming spires’, the Bodleian Libraries are a historic venue steeped in romance and elegance.

Some of our grandest rooms are licensed for civil weddings and civil partnerships, all in Oxford’s historic Bodleian Library: Divinity School, Convocation House and Chancellor’s Court. Whether you want a small and intimate ceremony, or a jubilant celebration with all of your friends and family, the Bodleian Libraries will provide the most magnificent backdrop to your wedding day.

The Bodleian’s Events team recognize that no two weddings are the same, and will help to provide a friendly and professional service, tailoring your day to suit your budget and tastes

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