Honourable society grays inn wedding video 1st Feb 2014

February is a pretty slow month socially, and usually fairly bleak in terms of weather. How fantastic, therefore, to have an invitation to forget winter woes and party with close family and friends in an amazing venue in the heart of London! Don and Maria got every detail of their big day spot on, but I got the impression that the ceiling could have fallen in and the catastrophe would have simply rolled over this couple without dimming their delight at being married.

It was a huge treat to make this  Gray’s Inn wedding video. The entire day was the perfect blend of occasion and fun. Guests were chauffeured to the venue in an iconic red London double-decker bus which provided a bright splash of colour on a dull day. The Honourable Society’s buildings are steeped in ancient character and added a real sense that Don and Maria were creating their own footnote in history rather than simply tying the knot.

The formality of the Pension Room didn’t stop the ceremony being full of laughter and joy firstly as Maria, looking incredible in a designer wedding dress of pewter lace, was accompanied down the aisle by her sons, then again as the ecstatic bride danced her way out on the arm of her new husband. The sense of celebration continued into the reception with the groom’s sister delivering a witty speech in rhyme before Madhen had guests up and dancing with their energetic choice of music.

In all my years producing wedding video London, the romance and joy of the occasion still has the power to move me. Don and Maria’s happiness was shared by their guests who took genuine pleasure in seeing this couple affirm their love for each other and their families. It was a privilege to have been involved in such a wonderful day.