Anna and Geoff Wedding video blog Stoke Park

On the 5th of December 2015, Anna & Geoff said “I do” at Stoke Park Buckinghamshire. The backdrop of their wedding video Stoke Park Buckinghamshire was just simply perfect for their special day. A private sporting and leisure estate in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, the regal Mansion is located in the middle of 300 acres of parkland, lakes, gardens and monuments. As the wedding video starts, Anna’s daughter sings the James Bond theme. What a spectacular talent and gift to her mother. Their love and bond is so evidently strong. The ladies enjoyed champagne and styling in the bridal suite while the gentlemen were suited and booted in tuxedo tales. A royal winter wedding, the bride looked absolutely stunning as she floated down the aisle in her fitted wedding dress accented with a fur bolero. The two shared the token of marriage with the exchange of rings and vows to love and cherish one another, as well as all of their beautiful children. The reception was simple, elegant and basked in white light. From white linens to white roses, and candles galore. The laughter and cheers shared within toasts to Jeff and Anna was more than perfect and summed up the gorgeous relationship between the happy couple and their blended family! The reception organised by TMB Entertainment was truly one to remember! From the naked wedding cake, the live entertainment, the sparkling dance floor, the first dance, and every loving moment in between — love truly filled the air! Especially on the very packed dance floor. The guests really made this affair one to remember, too. Thank you, Anna and Geoff, for allowing us to help preserve your beautiful memories. We hope the rest of your life together is one full of laughter, joy, and love. Just as the day, you said, “I do!”

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Leanne and James Stoke Park video blog

It was an idyllic day at Stoke Park Buckinghamshire when Leanne and James joined together in marriage. September 11th of two-thousand fifteen marked a truly special day for this beautiful couple, the day they celebrated their love and said “I do.”

“Quite simply, you’re the love of my life.”

Leanne looked like a princess in an ethereal beaded dress which enhanced her figure and set off her beautiful face and hair perfectly. The bride and her father arrived in a lovely Rolls-Royce to walk down the aisle where she would join hands with her husband-to-be. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkled with love as she gazed into his eyes and spoke her vows. You know these two will truly love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.

“I feel so lucky to know we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

James and Leanne left the ceremony to the cheers and applause of their closest friends and family as they were showered in confetti and love. They shared a sweet kiss before heading off to the reception at the absolutely stunning Stoke Park, which hosted both a James Bond film as well as Bridget Jones! The guests were serenaded by a wonderful saxophone player, and enjoyed spending quality time with cocktails and laughter. A flower girl and page boy may even have stolen a kiss!

Their first dance was a romantic sway where they exchanged a few sweet words with each other, tuning out the entire room to focus solely on each other. The lucky horseshoe dangled over James’s shoulder as they danced, reminding all of the sweet tradition of why we keep the horseshoe in a U shape: so the luck doesn’t fall out. The cutting of the cake was a lovely moment shared by the couple, his hand on top of hers. It seemed like Leanne and James were always touching, perhaps to confirm that the moment was real and they were well and truly married. It was these moments, captured by the photographer, David Bostock, that will live forever in both memory and pictures.

The emotion shared in the Father of the Bride’s speech was palpable, and he was truly moved to see his daughter’s happiness fulfilled. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room after his words – I know I had a tear in mine! It was such a genuine pleasure to be part of this special day, Leanne and James. Thank you for allowing me to capture your memories, and I sincerely wish you the most happiness in the world.

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Hannah and Colin wedding video Buckinghamshire Blog

From the moment I arrived, I knew this was going to be a special wedding! Hannah and Colin make such an amazing and beautiful couple they light up the room simply by being in it. Their loved ones and friends could feel the love they exuded! On the 22nd of August, 2015, this warm and loving couple tied the knot in Buckinghamshire. Hannah got ready for the wedding with her bridesmaids at the Ley House, drinking sparkling wine and laughing together. All of them looked absolutely stunning in deep plum dresses, enhanced by just the slightest bit of assistance from a makeup artist! Hannah wrote all of her special friends a thoughtful note, which definitely brought sweet tears to their eyes, and gave them necklaces to wear as a token of friendship. Looking absolutely beautiful in a sleeveless, lace topped dress, Hannah shone with love as she headed to her husband-to-be. The wedding party walked just a few blocks down the street to the church, the bride’s father looking handsome in a morning suit and a top hat. The ceremony was absolutely sweet, with both Hannah and Colin looking nervous to start, but gaining confidence with every word they spoke of their vows. On leaving the church, the guests tossed heart-shaped confetti, while Colin and Hannah shared a sweet kiss. My favourite part of the entire day was the awesome green bus that they hired to bring all of the guests to the marquee for the reception! The emerald green field was the ideal setup for a beautiful outdoor reception featuring delicious-looking canapés and cocktails. The receiving line went on for quite a while because everyone wanted to give their love to the happy couple! The royal purple colour theme was extended to the stunning floral arrangements at the centre of each table at the reception, as well as the cloths under the adorable table numbers created out of moss. The guests even got in on the colour scheme, many wearing shades of purple as well! Overall, this wedding video Buckinghamshire for Hannah and Colin was a tremendously joyful occasion, celebrated by their nearest and dearest and finishing with a beautiful party to celebrate their union. May you always feel this much love and joy, Colin and Hannah, it was a pleasure to witness your love and wedding!

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Chloe & Matt Notley Abbey blog

On the beautiful first day of August in two-thousand fifteen, these two absolutely charming people became one in marriage at Notley Abbey. To the delight of the family and friends who joined them in celebrating this very special day, the day’s weather was absolutely gorgeous. Chloe and Matt tied the knot at the elegant and historic Notley Abbey Buckinghamshire, a venue which is not only steeped in history but which sets a beautiful tableau for a wedding. Marilyn Monroe even visited Notley Abbey, but had she visited on this day she wouldn’t have held a candle to the beauty of the bride. Chloe, with her dark hair in long wavy ringlets and flawless makeup, looked exquisite as she stepped down the stairs to make her way toward her husband-to-be. In her hand, she clutched a tidy bouquet of peachy-pink roses by Sonning Flowers. Her wedding dress was by Essense of Australia, and she wore Christian Louboutin to glide down the aisle toward her fiancé. The bridesmaids and flower girls wore dresses of the same pink-tinted peach and all of the very handsome groomsmen had ties, pocket squares and boutonnieres to match. Matt looked slightly nervous but tremendously dapper in his morning suit, waiting for his blushing bride at the end of the outdoor aisle. All of the touching and emotional moments were brilliantly captured by the photographer, Sarah Critchlow. This fabulous couple exited the ceremony to the exciting sound of confetti cannons which showered them with glittering gold, and then celebrated their new marriage by joining their guests for a fun-filled reception. Their first dance was performed to a live singer and band singing “I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you”. They were soon joined by their loved ones, and even the young ones danced together. It was a day of celebration, love, life and laughter with those closest to them. You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful or well-coordinated wedding. The bright and lively reception was appointed with tables named after a wide variety of birds, and the bird-loving couple released a pair of beautiful white doves. The ‘tweeting plan’ indicated where guests should sit, and there were even owls that joined the party! No detail was overlooked, and the day was brought to a wonderful close when everyone released matching pink balloons. Congratulations to Chloe and Matt, you make a beautiful couple, and we wish you every possible happiness!

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Jenna + Sami Stowe House wedding video blog

On the 30th of May 2015, Jenna & Sami said “I do” at Stowe House Buckinghamshire. What a perfect backdrop for such a momentous occasion. The wedding video shot at Stowe House was almost like shooting an old fashioned film — it was just that dreamy. Also known as “Stowe School,” Stowe House if famous for Indiana Jones and James Bond to drop a few film names. The gents arrived suited and booted to the venue and greeted guests. While the ladies arrived later in pure, sleek elegance. From the proud moment her father gave Jenna’s hand in marriage to the moment, Sami nearly shed a tear the first time he saw his gorgeous bride — this wedding was magical! Jenna and Sami’s wedding boasted of sheer elegance every step of the way. Even the moment where you might spot the famous Bridesmaid Sophie Turner, otherwise known as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, giving the couple a few words of sweet love and wisdom was so very elegant and thoughtful. They sealed their ceremony with one romantic yet killer kiss, and headed out the doors for one amazing send-off! The magical day didn’t end there, friends and family went on to celebrate the couple through the evening. From champagne toasts, laughter, tears of joy, and gorgeous memories — love truly filled the air at Jenna and Sami’s reception. From the cutting of the epic cake to the sweet vibes of their first dance, it truly was magical to be a part of this amazing wedding.

To Jenna & Sami, thank you so very much for asking us to take care of you on your wedding day. We hope the years to come stay just as magical as the day you became husband and wife — sealed with one romantic kiss.

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Heather and Sandy wedding video Blog Stoke Park 11th April 2015

On the 11th of April 2015, nothing can quite sum up how exquisitely beautiful it was to be a part of the wedding of Heather & Sandy. Heather, an actor in the UK, appearing in theater and film, was proposed to during a theater performance. Sandy had it all planned out. Even the stage crew were in on the surprise! Their wedding video filmed at Stoke Park Buckinghamshire was an absolute pleasure to be a part of — simply because of the pure love that filled the air that day. While the famous golf course, known for filmography in both James Bond and Bridget Jones, served as one priceless backdrop the couple added an element of romance all their own. From the “oohs and ahhs,” as the girls saw the dress designed by Ellie Sanderson, down to the pop of pink in one brilliant pair of Jimmy Choos, Heather sparkled as one blushing bride. The bridal suite was all a flutter with bubbly and beautiful bridesmaids while the groomsmen looked absolutely smashing in their tales. While the bride shared one last moment with her father, the church filled with family and friends from afar. Nothing quite brought a tear to the eye like the smile on Sandy’s face when he finally turned to see, Heather, his beautiful bride. Classic, elegant and full of charm, this wedding was one to go down in the history of great love affairs. Their reception kicked off with a champagne reception. Followed by photography with David Bostock. Guests finally gathered to celebrate the happy couple as they cut the cake, enjoyed their first dance on a sparkling dance floor, and simply loved one another as a new bride and groom should.

Congratulations to Heather and Sandy! May the rest of your days be as happy as the day you said: “I do.”

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